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We are proud to provide a broad array of high-quality care services including but not limited to GP Consultations, IV Fluid Administration, ECG, Suturing, Bloods and chronic patient care management.  We offer a unique after hours and Emergency service which is available daily from 7pm - 10PM.  


Introducing for the first time on our South Coast WELLNESS INFUSION COCKTAILS. 
Specifically formulated for MD24,these Intravenous cocktails are sure to get the blood pumping right. 



MD24/1- “performance/endurance booster”
For your endurance athletes, cross trainers, body builders, cyclist, and for those who simply need a boost of energy.. 



MD24/2-“skin rejuvenation” 
skin lightener and skin purifier, skin detoxification to get that perfect glow and shine and promoting anti-age effects



MD24/3 -“Slim boost” 
needless to say we would all like to get that metabolism jump started to lose those few extra pounds.



Welcome to the new world of aesthetic medicine delivering greater absorption for better and faster results than ever before.



100% natural products that are given intravenously 



Additionally assists in:



Assists with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
Immune booster
Augments red blood cells
Increased Energy levels
Muscle building naturally
And much more



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